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    What is the management business of processes

    Any new business can be compared to the child. Each company created from scratch passes the period of formation and training. It is necessary to organize interaction of employees and divisions, to create mechanisms of transfer of knowledge, etc. And it isn’t important how big will be this company – in small business all these questions are also important, as well as in the large organization with a large number of branches.

    At the same time, the mankind doesn’t stand still. And both in the sphere of training of children, and in the sphere of the organization of business there are new tools, more flexible, convenient, clear intuitively that especially important for the people taking the first steps in any sphere. And some of the tools are essential for business

    If we address old records and we will try to study features of the organization of work of successful companies we will see the text instructions, mainly dry, difficult for perception, relating mainly to functional approach:

    Description of a workplace
    Duty regulations of the employee
    Requirements of safety measures, etc.

    All this as many remember, is extremely difficult perceived, and a considerable part of similar instructions became dusty on shelves, often, nobody, except the creator, not read. And experience and requirements were transferred from the skilled employee to the beginner.

    And what to do if need quickly appears to change the work of the whole organization? And if still at the same time automation takes root? Emergence of business process management became the response to these inquiries.

    You probably what are business processes. So you can move to the next section.

    About management of business processes in plain words

    Management of business processes is when you regulate, describe and change business processes. You change, but you don’t improve, you can know how to improve and worsen the business process. Unlike the machine or the car, directly it is impossible to operate by means of directives or pressing of the button by the collective. But we can set the sequence of operations which will be performed by collective at the solution of this or that task. It is also called BPM.

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