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    Online Reputation Management

    Did you know that two-thirds of people regularly seek information about others on the internet?  Everything you can find about you on the internet contributes to your online reputation. Fortunately, you largely control what others see about you and read about you.  But how do you ensure that you get a good impression? What can you do to leave a positive impression? Managing and improving your image on the internet is called online reputation management. In this article we give you practical tips to manage your online reputation.


    The importance of your online reputation


    Over 65% of people regularly search for information about others on the internet. Sometimes that is private (if you want to know more about an old acquaintance or your date from next weekend, for example), but more often it concerns business situations. Potential clients google to freelancers to find out whether the supply fits their needs and whether previous customers are satisfied with delivered products or services. And as many as 90% of all recruiters do online research to get a better picture of applicants.


    Know what you are sharing


    Much online information is distributed via social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Everything you post here will affect your online reputation. So be aware that your messages, photos and reactions are seen by others, perhaps also by people who do not belong to your immediate circle of friends. So think carefully before you put something online. Know what you share and who you share what.


    Online reputation tips


    Privacy settings social media If you want to keep a grip on your online reputation, explore the possibilities for it. On Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter you can protect your account, so that your profile and messages are only visible to friends, connections and followers. Moreover, with many social media you can set your privacy settings so that others can not place images or text on your profile page without your permission. You can also ensure that you are not unintentionally tagged and there is an option to prevent your data from appearing in the search results of search engines.

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