Fine Detailing for the Proper Detox Options

Internal risk factors include negative attitudes, stress or depression, genetic predisposition or heredity of drug addiction, and / or concomitant psychiatric problems such as attention deficit disorder, depression and anxiety disorders.

Mental illness can significantly increase the risk of addiction relapse, if not treated. If other mental disorders are present, the frequency of relapse is increased, says Kenning. People with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are much more at risk of alcohol dependence. About 50 percent of people with bipolar disorder also have alcohol or drug dependence. With significant external, psychological or social stress, can play a role in recurrence, external or environmental risk factors. Even happy events can be a risk factor, such as weddings, New Year parties and other holidays. Now here is a program that you can have perfectly.

It is not surprising that unfortunate events can also cause a relapse. “The risk factor is very highly individualized.

Dependence of relapse: how to resist the temptation

  • A person who wants to drink or use drugs again should immediately continue treatment. During treatment, you can learn to suppress negative emotions.
  • In the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism, you need to learn how to control yourself, this will help you manage relapses. If you do one of these actions during treatment, you can move in the right direction and addiction to drugs can go away.
  • If you or a person close to you have problems with substance abuse in the past, surround yourself with the support of friends and relatives and rely on advice and advice from a psychotherapist’s addiction to help reduce the risk of relapse. And if you have a relapse at any time, the best advice is to immediately consult a doctor before relapse can get out of hand.
  • Detoxification does not allow completely curing alcoholism. This is only part of the comprehensive treatment, which is organized by the drug treatment clinic in Yaroslavl. For complete recovery it is recommended to undergo rehabilitation in our center.

Advantages of the rehabilitation center for drug addicts

  • Communication with a drug addict
  • Integrated use of techniques and personal selection during the entire course.

During the period of drug addict’s stay, we establish friendly and confidential contact, which favorably affects the patient’s communication with therapists and the result of all the laborious work.

Great experience in the practical activities of our specialists helps to correct the rehabilitation process in time, while achieving high results.

How is drug addiction intervened?

Relatives of the addict meet with a specialist, and sometimes with a group of specialists (narcologists-psychiatrists, psychologists) in the clinic. At a preliminary consultation, they talk in detail about the addictions, habits, interests, characteristics of the character of the addict. This allows the doctor to prepare for a meeting with the patient, to develop an individual plan for the Intervention. In this plan are devoted to relatives suffering from drug addiction.