Beachside Work Attire

One of the best benefits of working remotely is that you can work from anywhere you like, so long as you can get the work done. While the key part of that sentence for your employer is, “so long as you can get the work done,” for you, it is the “work from anywhere.” Yes, you really can enjoy working from anywhere you want, so long as you continue to carry your own weight and then some.

In 2015, my wife and I took our work to Cancun, Mexico. This was one of the best moves we have ever made. We took our American salaries and moved to Mexico, where we lived like a king and queen. Even better, we moved to a tropical, beachside paradise. Anytime we felt like it we took our laptops to the beach, rented a cabana with a roof for shade and a table for workspace, turned on our data plan on our cellphones, and worked right from the beach.

While friends and family were stuck in offices back home struggling to make rent, we were working from the white sands of Cancun, living like royalty, and banking 50% of our income.

And just how was our quality of life there? Back home we would need to suit up every morning, both of us wearing uncomfortable shoes and for me, a piece of cloth wrapped around my neck that resembles a noose. Down in Cancun? We could work in swimwear, should we choose to do so!

Choosing to work remotely has challenges of its own, but the benefits certainly outweigh the challenges. If you are looking for a change of scenery, literally, we strongly recommend trying out telecommuting/remote work. You will find that your wardrobe, the scenery around you, and your outlook on life all change drastically.